Introducing the 2016-2017 ‘Wright Club


Jessica Hinds
Tanya Everett
Lizzie Vieh
Stacy Rose
Lawrence Dial
Becca Schlossberg

‘Wright Club

The Amoralists year-long playwright development program, in which 6 authors face off with their harshest critics, themselves, through guided artistic challenges and structured peer support. We are a community of playmakers bound by the principles, and strengthened in the practice, of courageous vulnerability.


To build a community of artists, focusing primarily on writers for the theatre; To deepen authors’ understanding of their own process through production; And to broaden the theatre community’s conversation about playmaking.

“My year with Wright Club has made me a better writer, and a better collaborator. The other members of ‘Wright Club have pushed me to delve deeper and take bigger risks.” Club Author Lindsay Joy