Written by Derek Ahonen
Directed by David Levy Horton

May 22nd – June 10, 2007
The Kraine Theatre

The frailty of the American dream and the absurdity of our war on terror are central in this provocative new play. A psychedelic trip, While Chasing the Fantastic… reveals itself through the subconscious and waking lives of it’s characters to beget the question: In a society that fears the unknown, how can we separate what is real from what is illusionary?

Kate Adams
Derek Ahonen
Ambrosine Falck
Matt Fraley
Nick Lawson
Matthew Pilieci
Barry Sacker
Rebecca Schall

Stage Manager: Keecia Buster
Set Design: Matthew Pilieci
Sound Design: Bart Lucas
Lighting Design: Keecia Buster
Sound Designer: Bart Lucas
Spiritual Adviser: Larry Cobra


“Playwright Derek Ahonen takes the subjects of terrorism, trust infidelity and responsibility and uses them as the building blocks for his fascinating (and quite topical) While Chasing the Fantastic.”

The Off Broadway Review

“Supremely Acted.”

The Huffington Post

All photos by Larry Cobra

From the Show