Written and Directed by Derek Ahonen

June 2nd – October 5th, 2009
PS 122 and Theatre 80 Saint Marks

An extraordinary gathering of young idealists live above a vegan restaurant in NYC. Billy, Dawn, Dear and Wyatt are an extended sexual family battling their fears and addictions in order to live their utopian dream. The Pied Pipers Of The Lower East Side is a celebration of love and the search for human grandness- and what happens when bohemian paradise begins to crumble.


Derek Ahonen | James Kautz | Nick Lawson | Sarah Lemp | Malcolm Madera | Mandy Nicole Moore and Matthew Pilieci


Stage Manager: Judy Merrick | Assistant Director: Matt Fraley | Set Design: Alfred Schatz | Lighting Designer: Jeremy Duncan Pape | Props Designer: Judy Merrick | Sound Designer: Bart Lucas | Costume Designer: Ricky Lang | Spiritual Adviser: Larry Cobra

The original production was directed by Derek Ahonen with the following cast:  Tom Bain | Sarah Fraunfelder | James Kautz | Nick Lawson | Helena Lee and Matthew Pilieci.

“The happiest surprise of the season. Ahonen has written full, complex characters and the committed cast approaches them with sincerity and heart. This is exciting work. Fresh and refreshing. Pipers was infamous for its wacky nude scene, but it is beloved for its finely drawn characters and its subversive sense of sweetness.”

Time Out New York

“A sharply observed, classically constructed and written show by Derek Ahonen. Considerably smart and complex.”

New York Post

“Deservedly extended and what long, shaggy, exhilarating ride it is. Rendered with brassy verve. vigorous cast members.”

The New York Times

“The satiric thrust of the work is so on target. Ahonen starts with what seems to be a hippie-era slice of life, but artfully steers his play into something far more. .The funniest onstage nudity in recent memory.”


From the Show

All photos by Petko Radilov

All photos by Larry Cobra