Rantoul + Die

By Mark Roberts
Directed by Jay Stull

June 12 – July 21, 2013
Cherry Lane Theatre

Rallis and Debbie’s marriage has reached its expiration date. In fact, it’s soured and stuck to the bottom of the carton. She wants him to pack his stuff and hit the bricks, but he’s clinging to the past like a cat on a screen door. How far will a man go to hang onto his lady? It’s a thin line between love and hate, between a kiss and a punch, between an ice cream cone and a beer bottle to the back of the head.


Derek Ahonen | Sarah Lemp | Matthew Pilieci and Vanessa Vaché.


Production Stage Manager: Judy Merrick | Associate Director: Nick Trotta | Assistant Director: Daniel Shure | Set Designer: Alfred Schatz | Lighting Designer: Evan Roby | Costume Designer: Jaime Torres | Sound Designer: Jeanne Travis | Props Designer: Judy Merrick | Production Manager: Jeremy Duncan Pape | Production Associate: Pitr Strait | Production Associate: Mackenzie Knapp | Production Intern: Emma Dolhai | Production Intern: Kyle Rogers | Production Intern: Anna Vesely

“Darkly, darkly funny – committed, hard-nosed performances.”

The New York Times

“Blessed with smart, naturalistic acting.”

New York Post

“Neil Simon meets Sam Shepard and the pairing is a happy one.”


“Audaciously crude and equally entertaining dark comedy. A perfect fit for The Amoralists, a troupe that specializes in shock and awe. Blue-collar setting yields blue-chip laughs”

Daily News

From the Show

All photos by Russ Rowland