Written and Directed by Adam Rapp
November 11th – December 10th, 2010
Theatre 80 Saint Marks

On the night of a terrible storm, a single mother and her younger son await the arrival of the older son, who has broken out of prison. Two others arrive before him: a stranger with a wounded leg and a girl with a suitcase. Nothing will ever be the same.

William Apps | James Kautz | Nick Lawson | Sarah Lemp | Mandy Nicole Moore and Matthew Pilieci

Assistant Director: Gretchen Hollis | Stage Manager: Judy Merrick | Set Design: Alfred Schatz | Costume Designer: Jessica Pabst | Lighting Designer: Keith Parham | Props Designer: Judy Merrick | Sound Design: Eric Shimelonis | Sculpture Design: Jenna Levine | Make Up: Erin Kennedy Landsford | Production Assistant: Jan Rosenberg

“Rapp’s dialogue is beautiful mayhem, full of mudslops and dogsnakes and hog gravy, and we care just enough about these strange souls to be devastated by their pain…it jolts and haunts all involved in its happy amoralism.”

The New Yorker

“A furious assault on the senses — in the most cathartic way possible.”

Theater Mania

“This is a theatrical meeting made in heaven.”

New York Post

“Has the infectious energy of a major event in New York theater history.”

The L Magazine

From the Show

Photos by Annie Parisse