The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side. Matthew Pilieci, James Kautz, Malcolm Madera, Sarah Lemp, Nick Lawson, Mandy Moore. P.S. 122, New York City, June 2009. (Photo by Larry Cobra)

Kautz, Pilieci and Ahonen. (Photo by Todd Heisler/The New York Times)


The Amoralists is a theatre company that produces work of no moral judgment. Dedicated to an honest expression of the American condition, our ensemble explores complex characters of moral ambiguity, plumbing the depths of the social, political, spiritual and sexual characteristics of human nature.

Rollicking, rebellious and raw, our work will go home with you.


The Amoralists were founded by Derek Ahonen, James Kautz and Matthew Pilieci on a wily trip to Los Angeles in November of 2006. Since then, an army of artists have contributed their many talents to the productions you’ve seen on our stages. Without their dedicated artistry, none of these plays would be possible. The lists of creatives for each show can be found on our show pages.